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A useful companion for those travelling to Sicily, this work is part of a series that is a collection of writing, aiming to invest the traveller with a cultural and historical background to Sicily.


Horatio Clare is an exciting young author who has brought together the best writing, both old and new on the romantic and enigmatic island of Sicily. Sicily is a destination with a rich and fascinating cultural history, stretching back thousands of years and incorporating Norman Princes, Arab Emirs, a decadent Bourbon court, Mafia bosses and Carthaginian wars. This collection will bring these varied characters nad events to life and bring a new depth to the traveller's experience.


Through Writer's Eyes series titles go beyond the usual travel guide handbook, providing details on settings, scenes, and cultural sights that have served as inspiration for writers. -- Midwest Book Review "Midwest Book Review"
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Untertitel: Through Writers' Eyes. 1 map. Sprache: Englisch.
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