Should Differences in Income and Wealth Matter?: Volume 19, Part 1

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August 2012



These essays assess the empirical and theoretical questions raised by inequalities of income and wealth.


1. Egalitarianism and welfare state redistribution Daniel Shapiro; 2. Does the welfare state help the poor? Tyler Cowen; 3. The stagnating fortunes of the middle class Edward N. Wolff; 4. Inequality, incentives, and opportunity Donald R. Deere and Finis Welch; 5. Misunderstanding distribution Young Back Choi; 6. Can anyone beat the flat tax? Richard A. Epstein; 7. Why justice requires transfers to offset income and wealth inequalities Richard J. Arneson; 8. The importance of being sufficiently equal James K. Galbraith; 9. Does inequality matter - for its own sake? Alan Ryan; 10. Equal respect and equal shares David Schmidtz; 11. Too much inequality Richard W. Miller; 12. Equality, benevolence, and responsiveness to agent-relative value Eric Mack; 13. How equality matters Hillel Steiner.


'This book is a good initiation for theologians, or any others who want to engage in serious economic debate.' The Heythrop Journal
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