Shakespeare and Politics

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September 2004



This comprehensive collection demonstrates a complete range of writing on Shakespeare and politics. It has shifts of focus as diverse as biography, text and contexts, language and film from literary, historical, religious, theoretical and cultural perspectives. A new introductory article by John J. Joughin provides a commentary on the essays, relates them to other work in the field and presents an overview of the subject.


1. Shakespeare and politics: an introduction John J. Joughin; 2. Shakespeare and politics Blair Worden; 3. Henry VIII and the deconstruction of history Peter L. Rudnytsky; 4. Livy, Machiavelli, and Shakespeare's Coriolanus Anne Barton; 5. Richard II and the realities of power S. Schoenbaum; 6 Plutarch, insurrection, and dearth in Coriolanus David George; 7. Some versions of coup d'etat, rebellion and revolution Pierre Sahel; 8. Language, politics, and poverty in Shakespearian drama William C. Carroll; 9. 'Demystifying the mystery of state': King Lear and the world turned upside down Margot Heinemann; 10. Venetian culture and the politics of Othello Mark Matheson; 11. The Bard and Ireland: Shakespeare's Protestantism as politics in disguise Paul Franssen; 12. Henry V as working-house of ideology Gunter Walch; 13. 'Fashion it thus': Julius Caesar and the politics of theatrical representation John Drakakis; 14. Take me to your Leda Terence Hawkes; 15. Macbeth on film: politics E. Pearlman; 16. William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet: everything's nice in America? Barbara Hodgdon.


Lecturer, The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham, editor of The Cambridge Shakespeare Library, co-editor of Shakespeare and Race and Shakespeare and Sexuality.

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