Seeing Into the Life of Things: Essays on Religion and Literature

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Januar 1997



As the discourse of contemporary cultural studies brings questions of race, nationality, and gender to the center of critical attention nowadays, there is a strong sense that religion, or perhaps religious experience, should command the attention of the academic and wider reading community. Seeing into the Life of Things is a response to that need. By combining the theoretical and the practical, Seeing into the Life of Things serves as both a pioneering scholarly contribution to a developing field and a valuable guide for those who read, reflect on, and discuss points of intersection of religion and literature.


John L. Mahoney is Thomas F. Rattigan Professor of English at Boston College and specializes in British Enlightenment and Romantic Literature. He has previously published books on Hazlitt, Keats, and Coleridge.


aHere is comfort for the faithful and rewarding reading for almost anyone, religiously inclined or not, interested in the examined life.a
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