Science and the Spirit: A Pentecostal Engagement with the Sciences

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August 2010



What might be described as a Pentecostal worldview has become a powerfulcultural phenomenon, but it is often at odds with modernity and globalization.Science and the Spirit confronts questions of spirituality in the face ofcontemporary science. The essays in this volume illustrate how Pentecostalism canusefully engage with technology and scientific discovery and consider what might bedistinctive about a Pentecostal dialogue with the sciences. The authors concludethat Pentecostals, with their unique perspectives on spirituality, can contributenew insights for a productive interaction between theology and science.


Preface Introduction: Science and the Spirit--Questions and Possibilities in the Pentecostal Engagement with Science / James K. A. Smith and Amos Yong Part 1: What Hath Azusa Street to Do with MIT? The Big Questions 1. What Have the Galapagos to Do with Jerusalem? Scientific Knowledge in Theological Context / Telford Work; 2. Is There Room for Surprise in the Natural World? Naturalism, the Supernatural, and Pentecostal Spirituality / James K. A. Smith; 3. How Does God Do What God Does? Pentecostal-Charismatic Perspectives on Divine Action in Dialogue with Modern Science / Amos Yong Part 2. The Spirit of Matter: Questions and Possibilities in the Natural Sciences 4. Does God Have a Place in the Physical Universe? Physics and the Quest for the Holy Spirit / Wolfgang Vondey; 5. Does the Spirit Create through Evolutionary Processes? Pentecostals and Biological Evolution / Steve Badger and Mike Tenneson; 6. Can Religious Experience Be Reduced to Brain Activity? The Place and Significance of Pentecostal Narrative / Frederick L. Ware; 7. Serotonin and Spirit: Can There Be a Holistic Pentecostal Approach to Mental Illness? / Donald F. Calbreath Part 3. The Human Spirit: Questions and Possibilities in the Social and Technological Sciences 8. Can Social Scientists Dance? Participating in Science, Spirit, and Social Reconstruction as an Anthropologist and Afropentecostal / Craig Scandrett-Leatherman; 9. Is Integrating Spirit and Sociology Possible? A Postmodern Research Odyssey / Margaret M. Poloma; 10. Is There Room for the Spirit in a World Dominated by Technology? Pentecostals and the Technological World / Dennis W. Cheek List of Contributors; Index


James K. A. Smith is Professor of Philosophy at Calvin College.Amos Yong is J. Rodman Williams Professor of Theology at Regent University School of Divinity.


"Science and the Spirit should be required reading not only for undergraduates committed to various Pentecostal traditions, but to all who have an interest in the engagement of faith traditions with the sciences in a manner that respects and deepens the appreciation of both while denying neither." Ralph W. Hood, Jr., The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga "Argues for a healthy relationship between science and Pentecostalism." Denis Lamoureux, University of Alberta "This book illustrates something of the current, very preliminary, engagement that is beginning to take place between Pentecostal Christians and 'science' very broadly defined. It is a significant project." Douglas Jacobsen, Messiah College
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