Science and Exploration in the Pacific: European Voyages to the Southern Oceans in the Eighteenth Century

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Oktober 2001



The exploration of the Pacific in the eighteenth century by western Europeans has an enduring fascination for both specialists and a wider public. Within this field, Cook's voyages have a particular appeal: they include exciting elements of danger, scientific investigation, encounters between different cultures. The essays in this volume take as their point of departure Cook's first voyage in the Endeavour (1768-71); they re-evaluate its political and social context, look at the expectations and outcomes of the event, and focus on the scientific and cultural issues emerging from this and subsequent Pacific voyages.


List of Illustrations vii Foreword by Richard Ormond ix Director of the National Maritime Museum Acknowledgements x Contributors xi Abbreviations xiv Introduction xv Part I. Strategy Glyndwr Williams The Endeavour Voyage: A Coincidence of Motives 3 Alan Frost Shaking off the Spanish Yoke: British Schemes to Revolutionise 19 America, 1739-1807 John Gascoigne Joseph Banks and the Expansion of Empire 39 Part II. Methodology and Selectivity Wayne Orchiston From the South Seas to the Sun: The Astronomy of Cook's Voyages 55 Donald C. Cutter Malaspina and the Shrinking Spanish Lake 73 Nigel Rigby The Politics and Pragmatics of Seaborne Plant Transportation, 81 1769-1805 Part III. Perceptions Peter Gathercole Lord Sandwich's Collection of Polynesian Artefacts 103 David Turnbull Cook and Tupaia, a Tale of Cartographic Meconnaissance? 117 Harold B. Carter Note on the Drawings by an Unknown Artist from the Voyage of 133 HMS Endeavour Neil Rennie The Point Venus 'Scene' 135 Part IV. Transformations Rod Edmond Translating Cultures: William Ellis and Missionary Writing 147 Markman Ellis Tails of Wonder: Constructions of the Kangaroo in Late 163 Eighteenth-Century Scientific Discourse Neil Hegarty Unruly Subjects: Sexuality, Science and Discipline in 183 Eighteenth-Century Pacific Exploration Jackie Huggins Cook and the New Anthropology 199 Bibliography 207 Index 220
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