Safety Across the Curriculum

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Juli 1999



Litigation and alleged cases of educational malpractice are on the rise. Headteachers and governors are more aware of legal requirements, but this new book addresses the needs of teachers. The book introduces a framework for safe practice, then the 'high risk' subjects of Science, ICT, Design and Technology, and PE and outdoor activities in separate chapters. The implications for classroom practice of recent legal developments are examined, and three more chapters look at what can be expected in the process of litigation. Sound advice for those wishing to make schools safer, and useful guidance for those having to deal with the aftermath of a safety problem.


Part One 1. Creating a Framework for Safe Practice Carole Raymond 2. Safety Policies and Paperwork Carole Raymond 3. Risk Assessment and the Management of Risk Peter Whittam Part Two 4. Safety in Design and Technology John Twyford 5. Health and Safety Regarding the Use of ICT in Schools Chris Taylor 6. Physical Education Carole Raymond 7. Learning in Safety and Learning About Safety: Issues in Practical Science Nigel Skinner 8. Learning Lessons from Others' Experience: Safe Practice in the 'Outdoor Classroom' Sue Thomas 9. Organisations and Resources Carole Raymond
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