Russia S Orient: Imperial Borderlands and Peoples, 1700 1917

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..". the first study of the Russian Empire in English which attemptsin a sophisticated way, using the latest developments in colonial studies, to dealnot only with imperial rule but with the mutual encounter with the non-Russianpeoples.... a new paradigm for looking at the imperial history of tsaristRussia." -- Ronald Grigor Suny
..". ambitious, wide-ranging, and ultimately provocative... " -- SlavicReview
"This excellent volume draws on the expertise of both youngand established specialists... the volume is a pleasure to read." -- AmericanHistorical Review
..". a major step toward 'discoveringRussian Asia'... a job well done." -- The RussianReview
Russia's Orient investigates the relationship between theRussian Empire and the non-Russian peoples of its southern and eastern borderlandsfrom the 18th to the early 20th centuries.


Daniel Brower is Professor of History at the University of California Davis. He is author of The Russian City between Tradition and Modernity. Edward J. Lazzerini is Professor of History at the University of New Orleans. He has published extensively on the history of European Russia s major Turkic peoples."
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