Running and Philosophy: A Marathon for the Mind

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November 2007



A unique anthology of essays exploring the philosophical wisdom runners contemplate when out for a run. It features writings from some of America's leading philosophers, including Martha Nussbaum, Charles Taliaferro, and J.P. Moreland.A first-of-its-kind collection of essays exploring those gems of philosophical wisdom runners contemplate when out for a runTopics considered include running and the philosophy of friendship; the freedom of the long distance runner; running as aesthetic experience, and "Could a Zombie Run a Marathon?"Contributing essayists include philosophers with athletic experience at the collegiate level, philosophers whose pasttime is running, and one philosopher who began running to test the ideas in his essay


Foreword vii

Amby Burfoot

Preface: Warming Up Before the Race xi

Acknowledgments xiii

Long-Distance Running and the Will to Power 1 (10)

Raymond Angelo Belliotti

Chasing Happiness Together: Running and Aristotle's Philosophy of Friendship 11 (10)

Michael W. Austin

Running with the Seven Cs of Success 21 (14)

Gregory Bassham

The Phenomenology of Becoming a Runner 35 (10)

J. Jeremy Wisnewski

In Praise of the Jogger 45 (12)

Raymond J. VanArragon

Running Religiously 57 (14)

Jeffrey P. Fry

Hash Runners and Hellenistic Philosophers 71 (10)

Richard DeWitt

What Motivates an Early Morning Runner? 81 (8)

Kevin Kinghorn

A Runner's Pain 89 (14)

Chris Kelly

Performance-Enhancement and the Pursuit of Excellence 103 (12)

William P. Kabasenche

The Freedom of the Long-Distance Runner 115 (10)

Heather L. Reid

Existential Running 125 (14)

Ross C. Reed

Can We Experience Significance on a Treadmill? 139 (12)

Douglas R. Hochstetler

Running in Place or Running in Its Proper Place 151 (10)

J. P. Moreland

The Running Life: Getting in Touch with Your Inner Hunter-Gatherer 161 (10)

Sharon Kaye

John Dewey and the Beautiful Stride: Running as Aesthetic Experience 171 (10)

Christopher Martin

``Where the Dark Feelings Hold Sway'': Running to Music 181 (12)

Martha C. Nussbaum

The Power of Passion on Heartbreak Hill 193 (12)

Michelle Maiese

The Soul of the Runner 205 (15)

Charles Taliaferro

Rachel Traughber

Notes on Contributors 220 (4)

Index 224




Michael W. Austin is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Eastern Kentucky University. A member of the International Association for the Philosophy of Sport, Austin has been published in Journal for the Philosophy of Sport, Southwest Philosophy Review, The Journal of Value Inquiry, Philosophy and Theology, and International Philosophical Quarterly. He is also the author of Conceptions of Parenthood: Ethics and the Family (2007).


"With equal measures of scholarship and soul, the essays in Running and Philosophy: A Marathon for the Mind, edited by Michael W. Austin, touch on religion, pain, happiness, and other topics that are best explored on a long run. With a pack of philosophers." (Runner's World, November 2007) "The contributors are runners who approach the subject of running and philosophy sympathetically...there is enough in [the book] to the get the inner dialogue started." (Orange Community News)
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