Risk Analysis and Society: An Interdisciplinary Characterization of the Field

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This book provides an interdisciplinary and international characterization of the state of the art and science of risk analysis. Such an analysis is needed to ensure better management of choices concerning environmental, health and technology-based hazards that increasingly affect peoples' lives on an international scale. Including chapters by many of the world's leading risk researchers, this comprehensive work will provide insight into the scope of important social and technical issues that influence risks and their management.


1. Introduction: Risk analysis and society: an interdisciplinary characterization of the field Timothy L. McDaniels and Mitchell J. Small; Part I. Fundamental Character of Risk: 2. The conception of variability in risk analyses: developments since 1980 Dale Hattis; 3. Mechanistic considerations in the harmonization of dose-response methodology: the role of redundancy at different levels of biological organization Lorenz R. Rhomberg; 4. Risk of extreme and rare events: lessons from a selection of approaches Vicki M. Bier, Scott Ferson, Yacov Y. Haimes, James H. Lambert and Mitchell Small; 5. Environmental risk and justice Mary R. English; Part II. Methods for Risk Assessment: 6. Uncertain risk: the role and limits of quantitative assessment Alison C. Cullen and Mitchell J. Small; 7. Valuing risk management choices Robin S. Gregory; 8. The role of efficiency in risk management John D. Graham, Per-Olov Johansson and Junko Nakanishi; Part III. New Approaches and Needs for Risk Management: 9. The challenge of integrating participation and discourse in risk management Ortwin Renn; 10. Global change and transboundary risks Joyce Tait and Ann Bruce; 11. Environmental risks and developing countries: an Asian perspective Michinori Kabuto, Saburo Ikeda and Iwao Uchiyama; Summary and Future Directions: 12. State of the art and new directions in risk assessment and risk management: fundamental issues of measurement and management Rae Zimmerman and Robin Cantor.


"Informative and certainly useful to policymakers trying to set up legislation for regulations that will protect the public good." Environment
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