Richard Strauss, Salome

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November 1989



This full-length study of Salome is the first in English since Lawrence Gilman's introductory guide of 1907. The handbook presents an informative collection of historical, critical and analytical studies of one of Strauss's most familiar operas. Classic essays by Mario Praz and Richard Ellmann cover the literary background. How Strauss adopted Wilde's play for his libretto is discussed by Roland Tenschert in a fascinating essay which has been updated by Derrick Puffett. In three central analytical chapters, Derrick Puffett considers Salome in relation to Wagnerian music drama, Tethys Carpenter examines its tonal and dramatic structure, and Craig Ayrey analyses the final monologue. The last part of the book moves from analysis to criticism, with a review by John Williamson of the opera's critical reception and an interpretative essay by Robin Holloway. The book also contains a synopsis, bibliography, and discography; Strauss's little-known scenario for the 'Dance of the Seven Veils' is reprinted as an appendix.


General preface; List of illustrations; Introduction; Acknowledgements; Part I. Overtures to Salome: 1. Salome in literary tradition Mario Praz; 2. Overtures to Wilde's Salome Richard Ellman; 3. Strauss as librettist Roland Tenschert; Postscript Derrick Puffett; Part II. The Music: 4. Synopsis; 5. Salome as music drama; 6. Tonal and dramatic structure Tethys Carpenter; 7. Salome's final monologue Craig Ayrey; Part III. Criticism: 8. Critical reception John Williamson; 9. Salome: art or kitsch? Robin Holloway; Postlude: Images of Salome; Appendix A: Strauss's scenario for the 'Dance of the Seven Veils'; Appendix B: From the diary of Luigi Dallapiccola; Bibliography; Discography Malcolm Walker; Index.


"This extraordinary book (in the highly respected 'Cambridge Opera Handbooks' series) is the first full-length study of Salome in English since Lawrence Gilman's Strauss' 'Salome, (1907)...Very clear and appropriate musical examples, appendixes...extensive notes for each chapter, a bibliography, discography, and index, and several black-and-white plates. Indispensable." J. Rayburn, Choice
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