Rethinking Purpose of Business: Interdisciplinary Essays from the Catholic Social Tradition

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Oktober 2002



Rethinking the Purpose of Business challenges reigning shareholder and stakeholder management theories using philosophical and theological dimensions of the Catholic social tradition. In this useful book, the contributors, including management theorists, moral theologians, economists, ethicists, and attorneys, debate complicated issues such as the ethics of profit seeking, equity and efficiency in the firm, the shareholder value principle, social ethics of corporate management, the principle of subsidiarity, and modern contract theory.While the contributors to this thought-provoking volume share a respect for the power of markets, they also assign value to community, common goods, and personal virtue. Essays combine organizational and management theory with philosophical and theological accounts of human purpose. A central argument of this collection is that the tradition of Catholic social thought provides principles that enable fruitful conversations across disciplines regarding the purpose of business and economic activity.


S. A. CORTRIGHT is associate professor of philosophy and tutor, Integral Curriculum of Liberal Arts, Saint Mary's College of California, where he also serves as Director of the John F. Henning Institute. MICHAEL J. NAUGHTON is Director of the John A. Ryan Institute for Catholic Social Thought at the Center for Catholic Studies, St. Thomas University, St. Paul, Minnesota, as well as associate professor with joint appointments in the Department of Theology and the Graduate School of Business.
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