Resisting the Holocaust

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Oktober 1998



This text focuses on the resistance to the Holocaust from the perspective of the victims, almost all Jewish, in some cases female. Their resistance embraces a variety of actions and movements, passive and active, performed by individuals, groups and nations.


'Resisting the Holocaust' is a fine, academic study, by no means the first, showing the reality of Jewish resistance, and disputing the stereotype of the passive Jew.'Jewish Chronicle'Ruby Rohrlich has given an immense service to this and future generations: her immaculate scholarship and her wide spectrum of interest has gathered together an archive of extraordinary value.'Feminist Theology'A short review cannot begin to do justice to the ... thought-provoking articles in the volume, which deserves to be on any recommended reading list in a Holocaust studies course.'Studies in American Jewish Literature'This is an important work, one that will help considerably in countering ...historical nelect [of the topic of resistance]'H-NET Book Review'Rohrlich's selection of essays ... Provide documentation and affirmation of the possibility of human dignity.'Seedhouse'A good introduction to Jewish resistance during the Holocaust. It holds together well ... cover
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