Representing the Other in Modern Japanese Literature: A Critical Approach

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September 2006



"Representing the Other in Modern Japanese Literature" looks at the ways in authors writing in Japanese in the twentieth century constructed a division between Self and Other in their work. Using a cross-section of authors and texts as case studies the contributors illuminate themes and issues related to this delineation of the Other and the Japanese Self. Part one of the book concentrates on the West and Asia as a contrastive Other, focusing on Japan looking at Others outside Japan. Taking geographical, racial and ethnic identity as a starting point to explore Japan's vision of 'non-Japan', representations of the Other are examined in terms of the experiences of Japanese authors abroad and in the imaginary lands envisioned by authors in Japan. Part two goes on to look at Japan's perspective of Others inside the borders of Japan and within the same ethnic grouping and how Japanese society looks out at the peripheries and margins of its own society. Finally, part three discusses whether there is any middle ground between this typical Japanese society and the Others on the periphery.


Introduction "Rachael Hutchinson" and "Mark Williams 1". Hermes and Hermes: Othernesses in modern Japanese literature "Irmela Hijiya-Kirschnereit 2". Meet Me on the Other Side: Strategies of otherness in modern Japanese literature "Susan Napier" Part 1 External Others 3. Who Holds the Whip? Power and critique in Nagai Kafu's "Tales of America" "Rachael Hutchinson" 4. Foreign Bodies: 'Race', gender and orientalism in Tanizaki Jun'ichiro's "The Mermaid's Lament" "Adrian Pinnington" 5. Self and Other in the writings of Kajii Motojiro "Steve Dodd" 6. Yokomitsu Riichi's Others: Paris and Shanghai "Douglas Slaymaker" Part 2 Internal Others 7. Passing: Paradoxes of Alterity in "The Broken Commandment" "Mark Morris" 8. The "burakumin" as Other in Noma Hiroshi's "Circle of Youth" "James Raeside" 9. Sincerely Yours: Uno Chiyo's "A Wife's Letters" as wartime subversion "Rebecca Copeland" 10. Foriegn Sex, Native Politics: "Lady Chatterley's Lover" in post-occupation Japan "Ann Sherif" 11. The Way of the Survivor: conversion and inversion in Oe Kenzaburo's "Hiroshima Notes David Stahl "12. Free to Write: Confronting the present and the past in Shiina Rinzo's "The Beautiful Woman" "Mark Williams" Part 3 Liminal Sites 13. "Yuta" as the Postcolonial Other in Oshiro Tatsuhiro's Fiction "Leith Morton" 14. Modernity, History, and the Uncanny: The colonial encounter and the epistemological gap "Faye Kleeman" 15. There's No Such Place As Home: Goto Meisei, or identity as alterity "Atsuko Sakaki "16. Beyond Language: Embracing the figure of 'the Other' in Yi Yang-Ji's "Yuhi" "Catherine Ryu"


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