Renaissance Civic Humanism: Reappraisals and Reflections

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November 2003



Civic Humanism has been one of the most influential concepts in the history of ideas ever since the pioneering work of Hans Baron and J. G. A. Pocock. This book reassesses Renaissance republican thinkers in relation to the medieval and early modern traditions of political thought and proposes new understandings of the evolution of important republican concepts. The distinguished team of American and European political theorists and historians together contribute a distinctive and significant addition to the study of republican political ideology.


Introduction James Hankins; 1. The republican idea William J. Connell; 2. 'Civic humanism' and medieval political thought James M. Blythe; 3. Civic humanism and Florentine politics John M. Najemy; 4. Two myths of civic humanism Mikael Hornqvist; 5. Rhetoric, history and ideology: the civic panegyrics of Leonardo Bruni James Hankins; 6. De-masking Renaissance republicanism Alison Brown; 7. Civic humanism, realist constitutionalism, and Francesco Guicciardini's 'Discorso di Logrogno' Athanasios Moulakis; 8. Bruni and Machiavelli on civic humanism Harvey C. Mansfield; 9. Rhetoric, reason and republic: republicanisms - ancient, medieval and modern Cary J. Nederman; 10. Situating Machiavelli Paul A. Rahe.


'This is an important collection, both in the individual contributions and as a whole.' Reformation
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