Religion and the Self in Antiquity

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November 2005



Many recent studies have argued that the self is a modern invention, aconcept developed in the last three centuries. Religion and the Self in Antiquitychallenges that idea by presenting a series of studies that explore the origins, formation, and limits of the self within the religions of the ancient Mediterraneanworld. Drawing on recent work on the body, gender, sexuality, the anthropology ofthe senses, and power, contributors make a strong case that the history of the selfdoes indeed begin in antiquity, developing as Western religion itselfdeveloped.


David Brakke is Professor of Religious Studies and Adjunct Professor of History at Indiana University. Michael L. Satlow is Associate Professor in the Program in Judaic Studies and the Department of Religious Studies at Brown University.Steven Weitzman, the Abraham M. Ellis Professor of Hebrew and Semitic Languages and Literature at the University of Pennsylvania and director of the Herbert D. Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies, is a scholar of the Hebrew Bible and early Judaism whose most recent publications include Solomon: The Lure of Wisdom and a revised edition of The Jews: A History.
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