Regulating Sex for Sale: Prostitution, Policy Reform and the UK

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September 2009



Recent years have seen a 'quiet revolution' in the way that the sex industry is regulated and governed in the UK. The consensus around what the problems of prostitution are has broken down and in its place a plethora of contradictory themes has emerged. Regulating Sex for Sale examines the UK reforms and proposals that have been introduced in this area since May 2000. What are the unintended consequences of recent policies and how do they impact the populations that they regulate? Do they contain any possibility for radical intervention and/or new ways of governing prostitution? This is the first book to address the contradictions in current policy on prostitution in England and Wales. Regulating Sex for Sale provides a detailed analysis and critical reflection on the processes, assumptions, and contradictions shaping the UK's emerging prostitution policy. The book describes the impact these policies have on indoor sex workers, street-based sex workers, young people, men, or those with


Frameworks of understanding ~ Jo Phoenix; What's anti-social about sex work? Governance through the changing representation of prostitution's incivility ~ Jane Scoular, Jane Pitcher, Rosie Campbell, Phil Hubbard and Maggie O'Neill; Community safety, rights, redistribution and recognition: towards a coordinated prostitution strategy? ~ Maggie O'Neill; UK sex work policy: eyes wide shut to voluntary and indoor sex work ~ Teela Sanders; Out on the streets and out of control? Drug-using sex workers and the prostitution strategy ~ Margaret Melrose; Male sex work in the UK: forms, practice and policy implications ~ Mary Whowell and Justin Gaffney; Beyond child protection: young people, social exclusion and sexual exploitation ~ Jenny Pearce; From 'toleration' to zero tolerance: a view from the ground in Scotland ~ Ruth Morgan Thomas; Conclusion ~ Jo Phoenix.


Jo Phoenix is Reader in Criminology at Durham University. She has extensive experience of writing and researching about prostitution and prostitution policy. She is author of Making Sense of Prostitution and Illegal and Illicit: Sex, Regulation and Social Control (with Sarah Oerton, University of Glamorgan) as well as numerous articles and book chapters on the sex industry and what is done about it.


"This excellent collection constitutes a timely and important intervention that captures the complex and contested nature of prostitution. It ought to be compulsory reading for all politicians, policy makers and academics claiming to have a say on this issue." Professor Sandra Walklate, Eleanor Rathbone Chair of Sociology, University of Liverpool
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