Redlining to Reinvestment

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Dezember 1992



Examines how formerly redlined communities have generated billions of dollars in reinvestment.


Foreword: Community Reinvestment is Good for Cities, Good For Lenders Edward McDonald 1. Community Reinvestment: An Emerging Social Movement Gregory D. Squires 2. The Struggle for Community Investment in Boston, 1989-1991 James T. Campen 3. The Community Reinvestment Act and Neighborhood Revitalization in Pittsburgh John T. Metzger 4. Confrontation, Negotiation, and Collaboration: Detroit's Multibillion- Dollar Deal David Everett 5. Reinvestments in Chicago Neighborhoods: A Twenty-Year Struggle Jean Pogge 6. Milwaukee: A Tale of Three Cities Michael L. Glabere 7. Reluctant Response to Community Pressure in Atlanta Larry E. Keating, Lynn M. Brazen, and Stan F. Fitterman 8. California: Lessons from Statewide Advocacy, Local Government, and Private Industry Initiatives David Paul Rosen 9. The Legacy, the Promise, and the Unfinished Agenda Calvin Bradford and Gale Cincotta About the Contributors


"The gang's all here. Greg Squires has assembled...veterans of combat negotiation, and agreement with lenders... These are the people who know what works and what doesn't." --Bill Dedman, author of the Pulitzer Prize-Winning series "The Color of Money," published by the Atlanta Journal/Constitution
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