Redesigning Life?: The Worldwide Challenge to Genetic Engineering

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Mai 2001



In today's world genetic engineering, animal cloning and new reproductive technologies are being promoted as the keys to a brighter future. But plenty of farmers, scientists, and concerned citizens disagree. Growing evidence shows that genetically engineered foods are hazardous to our health and the environment. Animal cloning and human genetic engineering raise troubling ethical questions. This book examines the hidden hazards, and controversy, of these new genetic technologies.


Introduction: Challenging biotechnology, Brian Tokar. Part 1 Our health, our food and the environment: from golden rice to terminator technology - why agricultural biotechnology wil not feed the world or save the environment, Martha L. Crouch; genetically engineered "Vitamin A rice" - a blind approach to blindness prevention, Vandana Shiva; cloning profits - the revolution in agricultural biotechnology, Sonja Schmitz; genetically engineered foods - a minefield of safety hazards, jennifer Ferrara, Michael K. Dorsey; safety first, Beth Burrows; ecological consequences of genetic engineering, Ricarda Steinbrecher; biotechnology to the rescue? why biotechnology is incompatible with sustainable agriculture, Jack Kloppenburg Jr., Beth Burrows; from native forest to Frankenforest, Orin Langelle. Part 2 Medical genetics, science, and human rights: the case against desiger babies - the politics of genetic enhancement, MArcy Darnovsky; cancer is (not) a genetic disease, Barbara Katz Rothman; if cloning is the answer, what was the question? genetics and the politics of human health, Sarah Sexton; eugenic tendencies in modern genetics, David King; if pigs could fly, they would - the problems of xenotransplantation, Alix Fano; reproductive technology - welcome to the brave new world, Zoe C. Meleo-Erwin; is violence in your genes? the violence initative project - coming soon to an inner city near you, Mitchel Cohen. Part 3 Patents, corporate power and the theft of knowledge and resources: gene giants - understanding the "life industry", Hope Shand; patents, ethics and spin, Beth Burrows; biotechnology and indigenous peoples, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz; shams, shamans and the commercialization of biodiversity, Michael K. Dorsey; biopiracy - the theft of knowledge and resources, Vandana Shiva; exclusive rights, enclosure and the patenting of life, Kimberly A. Wilson; paving the way for biotechnology - federal regulations and industry PR, Jennifer Ferrara; biotechnology and the new world order, Mitchel Cohen. Part 4 The worldwide resistance to genetic engineering,: resisting the engineering of life, Brian Tokar; princes, aliens, superheroes and snowballs - the playful world of the UK genetic resistance, Jim Thomas; seed satyagraha - a movement for farmers' rights and freedoms in a world of intellectual property rights, globalized agriculture and biotechnology, Vandana Shiva; Europe - hostile lands for GMOs, Thomas Schweiger; no patents on life - the incredible ten-year campaign against the European patent directive, Steve Emmott; no to bovine growth hormone - a story of resistance from Canada, Lucy Sharratt; cooperatives - a spurce of community strength, Robin Seydel; McDonalds, MTV, and Monsanto - resisting biotechnology in the age of informational capital, Chaia Heller; resources for information and action.


Brian Tokar has been an activist since the 1970s, and is curently a faculty member at Goddard College and the Institute for Social Ecology in Vermont.


"In this wide-ranging collection, scientists and activists discuss the pressing issues growing out of the wanton commercialization of the life sciences. With clear and up-to-date examples, the authors illustrate the dangers inherent in the unfettered manipulation of plant, animal and human biology for health and societal well-being." --Ruth Hubbard, Professor Emerita of Biology at Harvard University, Board Member of the Council for Responsible Genetics, and author of "Exploding the Gene Myth."
"The book is a superb collection of essays chronicling the development of biotechnology and the social reaction it has caused." --Gene Watch
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