Recursion Theory, Its Generalisations and Applications

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Januar 2008



This book is a collection of advanced research/survey papers by eminent research workers in the Recursion theory.


1. Fundamental methods for connecting recursively enumerable degrees R. I. Soare; 2. A Survey of Non-RE Degrees <= 0' D. B. Posner; 3. Degrees of Generic Sets C. G. Jockusch; 4. The Degrees of Unsolvability: Some recent results M. Lerman; 5. Some Constructions in -Recursion theory R. Shore; 6. The Recursion theory of the continuous functionals D. Norman; 7. Three aspects of recursive enumerability in higher types G. E. Sacks; 8. Computing in Algebraic Systems J. V. Tucker; 9. Applications of Classical Recursion theory to computer science C. H. Smith; 10. 'Natural' programming languages and complexity measures for subrecursive programming languages: An Abstract Approach D. A. Alton; 11. Complexity Theory with Emphasis on the complexity of logical theories R. E. Ladner.
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