Readings in Indigenous Religions

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August 2002



Unique anthology designed to accompany Harvey's other book, Indigenous Religions: A Companion and for use on any course on indigenous religion.


Ontology: Ojibwa ontology, behaviour and world view, A. Irving Hallowell; partners and consumers - making relations visible, Marilyn Strathern; "Animism" revisited - personhood, environment and relational epistemology, Nurit Bird-David; sharing the flower - a non-supernaturalistic theory of Grace, Kenneth Morrison. Performance: the ontological journey, Margaret T. Drewal; a visible spirit from Zambia, Edith Turner; postcolonial sun dancing at Wakpamni Lake, Dale Stover; divine connections - the Mansin and her clients, L. Kendall; understanding a (secular) primitive society, Berel D. Lerner. Knowledge: Maori religion, T.P. Tawhai; He Taonga Tuku Iho, Hei Ara - a gift handed down as a pathway, Emma Dreadon; the sky people, Patricia Grace; a declaration of the independence of New Zealand and the treaty of Waitangi; I am an indigenist, Ward Churchill; Australian icons - notes on perception, Gordon Bennett; land, sacred site, ancestral clearing and environmental ethics, Deborah Bird Rose; the watching world, R.K. Nelson.


Graham Harvey is Reader in Religious Studies at the Open University, UK.
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