Quality of Life and Human Difference: Genetic Testing, Health Care, and Disability

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Discusses the role of quality assessments in social policy, raised by prenatal testing for disability.


Contributors; Acknowledgements; Introduction David Wasserman, Jerome Bickenbach and Robert Wachbroit; 1. Assessing quality of life: clinical versus health policy uses Robert Wachbroit; 2. Predicting genetic disability while commodifying health Anita Silvers; 3. Preventing genetically transmitted disabilities while respecting persons with disabilities Dan W. Brock; 4. Disability, ideology and quality of life: a bias in biomedical ethics Ron Amundson; 5. Values for health states in QALYs and DALYs: desirability versus well-being and worth Erik Nord; 6. Preventing the existence of people with disabilities Jeff McMahan; 7. Where is the sin is synecdoche? Prenatal testing and parent-child relationship Adrienne Asch and David Wasserman; 8. The social context of individual choice Tom Shakespeare; 9. Disability and health systems assessment Jerome Bickenbach; Index.


'... what is most interesting about this volume is that while addressing the central issues in the debate about disability and well-being, it sets this in a wider context of getting to grips with deeper theoretical issues ... In addition to addressing the particular topic at hand this collection makes a contribution more broadly to bioethics. The material on measuring health versus well-being, for example, has significant implications for the endeavors in population genetic databases that are currently being advocated.' Ruth Chadwick, Lancaster University
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