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August 2006



Maran Illustrated Puppies" is a valuable resource to a wide range of readers-from individuals picking out their first puppy to those who are looking to correct their new pup's most frustrating behaviors. Instead of describing the myriad ways to perform each task, the book shows the reader the best way, while the full-color photographs and clear, step-by-step instructions walk the reader through each task from beginning to end. Thorough topic introductions and useful tips provide additional information and advice to help enhance the readers' experience with their puppy. "Maran Illustrated Puppies is packed with essential and invaluable information that will help to maximize an owner's experience with their new pup. Less than the price of one private training lesson, this book will be a permanent resource that can be accessed at any time. "Maran Illustrated Puppies" is the perfect companion book to the best-selling book, "Maran Illustrated Dog Training.


Chapter 1: Picking a Puppy Chapter 2: Preparing for Your Puppy Chapter 3: The First Week Chapter 4: Housetraining Chapter 5: Puppies and Kids Chapter 6: Puppy Core Chapter 7: Puppy Development Chapter 8: Training Basic Commands Chapter 9: Games and Tricks for Your Puppy Chapter 10: Preventing Problem Behavior Chapter 11: Keeping Your Puppy Healthy Chapter 12: Reference
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