Public and Private Doctrine

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August 2002



Essays by a group of pupils, admirers and critics of the Cambridge historian Maurice Cowling.


Introduction Michael Bentley; 1. The friends of the constitution in Church and State, 1667-73 James Jones; 2. The Peterhouse Latitudinarians Richard Brent; 3. Religion and the social order: the case of Burke and Paine Ian Harris; 4. Religion in the Victorian novel Shirley Letwin; 5. Victorian historians and the larger hope Michael Bentley; 6. The Conservative Party and the Church of England, 1874-1902 Richard Shannon; 7. George Gilbert Scott Junior, 1837-97: 'the history of a narrow mind' David Watkin; 8. Frederick Temple on the Clerisy and the idea of a meritocracy Simon Green; 9. Faith and fellowship: the conservatism of John Buchan J. P. Parry; 10. Service: the public doctrine of the Conservative leadership, 1922-40 Philip Williamson; 11. Destiny and providence: the religion of Winston Churchill Paul Addison; 12. Liberal collectivism and the English Catholic hierarchy Sheila Lawlor; 13. Culture and community Roger Scruton; 14. Religion and public doctrine Peter Ghosh; 15. Public doctrine, private lives: the iconography of belief in a commercial society A. Boyd Hilton.


'And what a rich book it is. There is not a single essay in it that does not provide cause for serious reflection.' Patrick Cosgrove, Daily Telegraph
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