Privacy II: Exploring Questions of Media Morality: A Special Issue of the Journal of Mass Media Ethics

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September 1995



This special issue devoted to privacy matters features articles that should add useful perspectives to discussions of privacy issues, particularly those raised by new technology.


Volume 9, Number 4, 1994. Contents: Foreword. L. Hodges, The Journalist and Privacy. B. Steele, H. Benedict, P. Bowman, E. Brecher, T. French, Privacy in America: The Frontier of Duty and Restraint. J.T. Johnson, The Private I, You, They. N. Paul, Some Paradoxes of Privacy. R.E. Smith, The Right Versus the Need to Publish. K.R. Speckman, Using Data Bases to Serve Justice and Maintain the Public's Trust. G.A. Gladney, Bringing Communication Technology Under Ethical Analysis: A Case Study of Newspaper Audiotex. CASES AND COMMENTARIES:Should Videotape Rentals Be Private?
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