Postwar Japan as History

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A provocative set of interpretative essays by eminent scholars, this volume will appeal to anyone interested in the history of twentieth-century Japan and the dilemmas facing Japan in the world today.


Peace and Democracy in Two Systems: External Policy and Internal Conflict, John W. Dower Japan's Position in the World System, Bruce Cumings The Past in the Present, Carol Gluck Defining Growth: Debates on Economic Strategies, Laura E. Hein The Structure and Transformation of Conservative Rule, Gary D. Allinson Negotiating Social Contracts, Sheldon Garon and Mike Mochizuki Dialectics of Economic Growth, National Power, and Distributive Struggles Koji Taira Finding a Place in Metropolitan Japan: Transpositions of Everyday Life, William Kelly Formations of Mass Culture, Marilyn Ivy Consuming and Saving, Charles Yuji Horioka The Death of "Good Wife, Wise Mother", Kathleen S. Uno Unplaced Persons and Movements for Place, Frank K. Upham Altered States: The Body Politics of "Being Woman", Sandra Buckley Contests for the Workplace, Andrew Gordon Intellectuals and Politics, J. Victor Koschmann The Dynamics of Political Opposition, James W. White


Andrew Gordon is Professor of History at Duke University. His latest book, Labor and Imperial Democracy in Prewar Japan (California, 1990), won the John K. Fairbank Prize of the American Historical Association.
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