Postcolonial Wales

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Juni 2005



Questions, hypotheses, and concepts drawn from postcolonial theory are used to understand the culture and politics of postdevolution Wales in these essays. Beginning with discussions of how Wales, as a nation, has been understood historiographically, as well as historically, this analysis focuses on Welsh cultural differences in terms of literature, mass media, music, drama, and the visual arts.


Preface Jane Aaron and Chris Williams; Part I: Is Wales Postcolonial? Nation, Place and History Problematising Wales: An exploration in postcoloniality and historiography Chris Williams; In search of Wales, 1900-2002: Spatial theory and spatial politics Pyrs Gruffudd; 'Them and us': History and the discursive creation of nationhood Rob Phillips; Coming into view? Multiculturalism in postcolonial Wales Glenn Jordan; Part II: A Quiet Revolution? Devolution, 'Inclusiveness' and Postcoloniality The colonial legacy in Welsh politics Richard Wyn Jones; 'Maitres chez nous?': Awaiting the quiet revolution in Wales Alys Thomas; A new beginning or the beginning of the end? The Welsh language in postcolonial Wales Dylan Phillips; Women's political participation and the Welsh Assembly Paul Chaney; Part III: A Postcolonial Culture? Welsh Cultural Difference Welsh writing in English and postcolonial literature Stephen Knight; Bardic postcolonialism Jane Aaron; What's in the 'post'?: Mass media as a 'site of struggle' David M. Barlow; What did 'Welsh' mean for 1990s Welsh pop Music? Dai Griffiths and Sarah Hill; Dramatic fictions in a 'postcolonial' Wales Steve Blandford; Horizon Wales: Visual arts and the postcolonial Iwan Bala.


Chris Williams is a professor of history at the University of Glamorgan. Jane Aaron is a professor of English at the University of Glamorgan.
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