Political Innovation and Conceptual Change

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April 1989



This book sets out to defend the claim that politics is a linguistically constituted activity, and to show that the concepts that inform political beliefs and behavior have historically mutable meanings that have undergone changes related to real political events. The contributors go on to analyze the evolution of no less than thirteen particular concepts, all central to political discourse in the western world. They include revolution, rights, democracy, property, corruption, and citizenship.


Preface; Editors' introduction; 1. Language and poltical change Quentin Skinner; 2. Understanding conceptual change politically James Farr; 3. Constitution Graham Maddox; 4. Democracy Russell L. Hanson; 5. The state Quentin Skinner; 6. Representation Hanna Fenichel Pitkin; 7. Party Terence Ball; 8. Patriotism Mary G. Dietz; 9. Public interest J. A. W. Gunn; 10. Citizenship Michael Walzer; 11. Corruption J. Peter Euben; 12. Public opinion J. A. W. Gunn; 13. Ideology Mark Goldie; 14. Rights Richard Dagger; 15. Property Alan Ryan; 16. Revolution John Dunn; Index.


"Political Innovation and Conceptual Change is welcome because it is a largely successful attempt to integrate theory with praxis...a valuable and thought-provoking volume." Gillis J. Harp, The Journal of American History
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