Poisson Geometry, Deformation Quantisation and Group Representations

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Poisson geometry lies at the cusp of noncommutative algebra and differential geometry, with natural and important links to classical physics and quantum mechanics. This book presents an introduction to the subject from a small group of leading researchers, and the result is a volume accessible to graduate students or experts from other fields. The contributions are: Poisson Geometry and Morita Equivalence by Bursztyn and Weinstein; Formality and Star Products by Cattaneo; Lie Groupoids, Sheaves and Cohomology by Moerdijk and Mrcun; Geometric Methods in Representation Theory by Schmid; Deformation Theory: A Powerful Tool in Physics Modelling by Sternheimer.


1. Poisson geometry and Morita equivalence Henrique Bursztyn and Alan Weinstein; 2. Formality and star products Alberto S. Cattaneo and D. Indelicato; 3. Lie groupoids, sheaves and cohomology Ieke Moerdijk and Janez Mrcun; 4. Geometric methods in representation theory Wilfried Schmid and Matvei Libine; 5. Deformation theory: a powerful tool in physics modelling Daniel Sternheimer.
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