Philosophy of Science

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Dezember 2007



Based on the lectures given in The Royal Institute of Philosophy in London for 2005 6.


1. Scientific progress: beyond foundationalism and coherentism Hasok Chang; 2. Action at a distance Robin Le Poidevin; 3. Lessons from the history of philosophy of science regarding the research assessment exercise Donald Gillies; 4. The ravens revisited Peter Lipton; 5. What's the point in scientific realism if we don't know what's really there? Sophie R. Allen; 6. Miracles and models: why reports of the death of structural realism may be exaggerated John Worrall; 7. Counter thought experiments James R. Brown; 8. Does physics answer metaphysical questions? James Ladyman; 9. Natural kinds: rosy dawn, scholastic twilight Ian Hacking; 10. Mundane technology, neutrality and autonomy James Garvey; 11. Is simplicity evidence of truth? Adolf Grunbaum.


Anthony O'Hear is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Buckingham, where he is also Head of the Department of Education. He is the editor of the journal Philosophy and Honorary Director of the Royal Institute of Philosophy.
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