Philosophy in Experience: American Philosophy in Transition

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Januar 1996



This collection of essays aims to mark a place for American philosophy as it moves into the twenty-first century. Taking their cue from the work of Peirce, James, Santayana, Dewey, Mead, Buchler, and others, the contributors assess and employ philosophy as an activity taking place within experience and culture. Within the broad background of the American tradition, the essays reveal a variety of approaches to the transition in which American philosophy is currently engaged. Some of the pieces argue from an historical dialogue with the tradition, some are more polemically involved with American philosophy's current status among the contemporary philosophical schools,and still others seek to reveal the possibilities for the future of American philosophy. In thus addressing past, present, and future, the pieces, taken together, outline a trajectory for American philosophy that reinvents its importance from a new angle of vision.


Richard E. Hart is Cyrus H. Holley Professor of Applied Ethics and Professor of Philosophy at Bloomfield College in New Jersey. He is co-editor of Philosophy in Experience: American Philosophy in Transition (Fordham). DOUGLAS R. ANDERSON is Professor of Philosophy at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. He is the author of Creativity and the Philosophy of C. S. Peirce, Strands of System, and Philosophy Americana: Making Philosophy at Home in American Culture (Fordham). He is editor of the Transactions of the Charles Peirce Society.


aWith the recent renewal of interest in Pragmatism owing to the work of Richard Rorty, this work should find a welcome audience.a
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