Philosophers of Process

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This volume is a book of readings in the philosophy of process, dealing with processes and events over substance. There are nine philosophers included in this expanded and revised edition: Bergson, Nietzche, Alexander, Peirce, James, Dewey, Whitehead, Mead, and Hartshorne.


Charles Sanders Peirce. The Architecture of Theories. The Doctrine of Necessity Examined. The Law of Mind. Man's Glassy Essence - William James. The Dilemma of Determinism. The Stream and Consciousness. The Problem of Novelty - Friedrich Nietszche. "Reason" in Philosophy. The Four Great Errors - Samuel Alexander. Natural Piety. - Henry Bergson. The Idea of Duration. The Possible and the Real - John Dewey. Qualitative Thought. Time and Individuality. Existence as Precarious and Stable. Nature, Life and Body-Mind - Alfred North Whitehead. Critique of Scientific Materialism Process. Fact and Form. Objects and Subjects. The Grouping of Occasions - George Herbert Mead. The Present as the Locus of Reality. The Genesis of the Self and Social Control - Charles Hartshorne. The Development of Process Philosophy. A World of Organisms. Chance, Love and Incompatibility


Douglas Browning is a Professor of Philosophy at University of Texas, Austin. William Myers is a Professor of Philosophy, Division of Humanities, at Birmingham-Southern College.
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