Permutation Patterns

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A collection of survey and research articles representing all the main strands of research in permutation patterns.


Preface; 1. Some general results in combinatorial enumeration Martin Klazar; 2. A survey of simple permutations Robert Brignall; 3. Permuting machines and permutation patterns Mike Atkinson; 4. On three different notions of monotone subsequences Miklos Bona; 5. A survey on partially ordered patterns Sergey Kitaev; 6. Generalized permutation patterns - a short survey Einar Steingrimsson; 7. An introduction to structural methods in permutation patterns Michael Albert; 8. Combinatorial properties of permutation tableaux Alexander Burstein and Niklas Eriksen; 9. Enumeration schemes for words avoiding permutations Lara Pudwell; 10. The lexicographic first occurrence of a I-II-III pattern Torey Burton, Anant P. Godbole and Brett M. Kindle; 11. Enumeration of partitions by rises, levels and descents Toufik Mansour and Augustine O. Munagi; 12. Restricted patience sorting and barred pattern avoidance Alexander Burstein and Isaiah Lankham; 13. Permutations with k-regular descent patterns Anthony Mendes, Jeffrey B. Remmel and Amanda Riehl; 14. Packing rates of measures and a conjecture for the packing density of 2413 Cathleen Battiste Presutti and Walter Stromquist; 15. On the permutational power of token passing networks Michael Albert, Steve Linton and Nik Ruskuc; 16. Problems and conjectures.


Steve Linton is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, where he directs the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Computational Algebra. Nik Ruskuc is a Professor of Mathematics at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. Vincent Vatter is a John Wesley Young Instructor at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire.


"This well-written collection of research papers by international experts in the field covers all of the significant strands of current research, including structural methods and simple patterns, generalizations of patterns, various enumerative aspects, machines, and networks. I highly recommend this book to specialists and researchers in combinatorics. It should be noted that a few of the current problems in the field of permutation patterns are listed at the end of the book, which makes it a good starting point for future projects and dissertations." Hamid R. Noori, Computing Reviews
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