Performance Budgeting: Linking Funding and Results

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August 2007



This book examines the theory and practice of performance budgeting, which aims make government more effective by linking the funding of government agencies to the results they deliver. Combining thematic studies and case studies, it clearly presents the diverse range of contemporary performance budgeting models and examines their effectiveness.


Preface; T.Ter-Minassian Performance Budgeting Models and Mechanisms; M.Robinson PART
I: THE PERFORMANCE INFORMATION FOUNDATIONS Informing Performance Budgeting; M.Robinson Results Information; M.Robinson Cost Information; M.Robinson Program Classification; M.Robinson & H.van Eden Performance Auditing and Performance Budgeting; D.Shand PART
II: LINKING BUDGETS TO PERFORMANCE Making Performance Budgeting Work; M.Robinson Experience of OECD Countries with Performance Budgeting; T.Curristine Improving Allocative Efficiency; J.Brumby U.S. Program Assessment Rating Tool; D.Fantone Performance in the New French Budget System; B.Lannaud Performance Budgeting in England: Public Service Agreements; P.Smith Chile; M.Guzman Results and Services Plans and Budget Reform in New South Wales; J.Pierce & M.Di Francesco Formula Funding and Performance Budgeting; P.Smith Purchaser-Provider Systems; M.Robinson Three Decades of Reforms in Spain; J.R-H.Carbonell, E.Z.Goñi, J.L.Fernández & T.T.Iturriaga Performance Budgeting, Motivation and Incentives; M.Robinson & E.Paul PART
III: IMPLEMENTATION STRATEGY AND SEQUENCING Challenges to Implementation; J.Diamond Public Management Reform in France; B.Chevauchez Russia: A Case Study; E.Belyanova, O.Hovland & A.Lavrov The Experience of Bogotá; I.Fainboim Performance and Budgeting under the Separation of Powers; P.Joyce Formula Funding in Ethiopian Higher Education; K.Ashcroft Wage Spending Flexibility in Low-Income Countries; M.Davies, M.Verhoeven & V.Gunnarsson Glossary About the Authors


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