Papers in Phonology: Volume 1, Between Grammar and Physics of Speech

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November 1990



This collection of papers presents current research in speech science. The unifying theme of the collection is the relationship between phonological representations of the grammatical structure of speech, and physical models of the production and perception of actual utterances.


Acknowledgements; Contributors; 1. Introduction Mary E. Beckman and John Kingston; 2. Where phonology and phonetics intersect: the case of Hausa intonation Sharon Inkelas and William R. Leben; 3. Metrical representation of pitch register D. Robert Ladd; 4. The status of register in intonation theory: comments on the papers by Ladd and by Inkelas and Leben G. N. Clements; 5. The timing of prenuclear high accents in English Kim E. A. Silverman and Janet B. Pierrehumbert; 6. Alignment and composition of tonal accents: comments on Silverman and Pierrehumbert's paper Gosta Bruce; 7. Macro and micro Fo in the synthesis of intonation Klaus J. Kohler; 8. The separation of prosodies: comments on Kohler's paper Kim E. A. Silverman; 9. Lengthenings and shortenings and the nature of prosodic constituency Mary E. Beckman and Jan Edwards; 10. On the nature of prosodic constituency: comments on Beckman and Edwards's paper Elisabeth Selkirk; 11. Lengthenings and the nature of prosodic constituency: comments on Beckman and Edwards's paper Carol A. Fowler; 12. From performance to phonology: comments on Beckman and Edwards's paper Anne Cutler; 13. The Delta programming language: an integrated approach to nonlinear phonology, phonetics, and speech synthesis Susan R. Hertz; 14. The phonetics and phonology of aspects of assimilation John J. Ohala; 15. On the value of reductionism and formal explicitness in phonological models: comments on Ohala's paper Janet Pierrehumbert; 16. A response to Pierrehumbert's commentary John J. Ohala; 17. The role of the sonority cycle in core syllabification G. N. Clements; 18. Demisyllables as assets of features: comments on Clements' paper Osamu Fujimura; 19. Tiers in articulatory phonology, with some implications for casual speech Catherine P. Browman and Louis Goldstein; 20. Toward a model of articulatory control: comments on Browman and Goldstein's paper Osamu Fujimura; 21. Gestures and autosegments: comments on Browman and Goldstein's paper Donca Steriade; 22. On dividing phonetics and phonology: comments on the papers by Clements and by Browman and Goldstein Peter Ladefoged; 23. Articulatory binding John Kingston; 24. The generality of articulatory binding: comments on Kingston's paper John J. Ohala; 25. On articulatory binding: comments on Kingston's paper Louis Goldstein; 26. The window model of coarticulation: articulatory evidence Patricia A. Keating; 27. Some factors influencing the precision required for articulatory targets: comments on Keating's paper Kenneth N. Stevens; 28. Some regularities in speech are not consequences of formal rules: comments on Keating's paper Carol A. Fowler; Subject index; Author index.
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