Pan-Asianism in Modern Japanese History: Colonialism, Regionalism and Borders

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Dezember 2006



This in-depth volume analyzes various historical approaches to the construction of the regional order in East Asia, each of which can be seen as an expression of Pan-Asianist thought.


Sven Saaler: Introduction 1 Miwa Kimitada: Pan-Asianism in Modern Japanese History: an Overview 2 Kuroki Morifumi: The Pan-Asianism of the Koa-kai 3 Nojima (Kato) Yoko: The Imperial Army's View of Asian Regionalism in the Interwar Years 4 Dick Stegewerns: Forgotten Leaders of the Interwar Debate on Regional Integration: Introducing Sugimori Kojiro 5 Christopher W. A. Szpilman: Between Pan-Asianism and Japanese Nationalism: Mitsukawa Kametaro and His Campaign to Reform Japan and Liberate Asia 6 Michael A. Schneider: "Women Pan-Asianists are the Worst": Internationalism and Pan-Asianism in the Careers of Inoue Hideko and Inoue Masaji 7 Roger Brown: Visions of a Virtuous New Order: Yasuoka Masahiro and the Kingly Way 8 John Namjun Kim: The Temporality of Empire: The Imperial Cosmopolitanism of Miki Kiyoshi and Tanabe Hajime 9 Kevin Doak: The Concept of Ethnic Nationality and its Role in Pan-Asianism in Imperial Japan 10 J. Victor Koschmann: 'Constructing Destiny': Royama Masamichi and Asian Community in Wartime Japan 11 Oguma Eiji: The Postwar Intellectuals' View of "Asia" 12 Kristine Dennehy: Overcoming Colonialism in Bandung, 1955 13 Hatsuse Ryuhei: Pan-Asianism in International Relations: Prewar, Postwar, Present J. Victor Koschmann: Concluding Summary


University of Tokyo, Japan Cornell University, USA


'This volume is indispensable for understanding the intellectual history of Pan Asianism and to help understand current debates over Japan's wartime past. Recognizing the vast gap between rhetoric and reality, here the contributors help unravel the idealism that animated lite discourse and how this was used to indoctrinate and mobilize the Japanese people in a war that mostly victimized those who were supposed to benefit. One can only hope for a companion volume of similar quality focusing on regional discourse about Japanese Pan Asianism.''The fifteen essays in this volume take the debate beyond how the ideology was instrumentalized and draw our attention to the intellectual history of Pan Asianism and how it morphed over the past century. These are detailed and complex scholarly essays that help readers understand that Pan Asianism was neither monolithic nor set in concrete.' - The JapanTimes Online 'Collectively, these essays provide us with the most diversified perspect
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