Online Territories

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April 2011



Online Territories brings key research and writings in the interdisciplinary study of new media and society together to answer questions arising from the ways in which online technologies are currently being envisioned, used, and experienced. The book offers an up-to-date contextualization of online practices and explores, from a variety of perspectives, the emergence of new experiences and routines in relation to - and new conceptions of - social space. This volume addresses the need for further, research-based contextualization of preexisting theories related with globalization, mobility, citizenship and civic participation, socio-spatial dynamics, network society, and others. Online territories are traced in relation to three distinct and interrelated pathways - the everyday; the civic and the public; and the transnational/translocal - by taking mediation, communicative practice, and social space as departure points. The book includes an afterword by David Morley.


Contents: Miyase Christensen/André Jansson/Christian Christensen: Introduction: Globalization, Mediated Practice and Social Space: Assessing the Means and Metaphysics of Online Territories - Christian Christensen: The Everyday War: Iraq, YouTube and the Banal Spectacle - Jonathan Lillie: The Domestication of Online Pornography: How Cyberporn Found a Home in the American Home - Cornel Sandvoss: Fans Online: Affective Media Consumption and Production in the Age of Convergence - Holly Kruse: The Place of Internet Gambling: Presence, Vice, and Domestic Space - Kristoffer Gansing: Spamculture: The Informational Politics of Functional Trash - Thomas Tufte: Mediapolis, Human (In)Security and Citizenship: Communication and Glocal Development Challenges in the Digital Era - Liesbet van Zoonen: The Rise and Fall of Online Feminism - Laura Stein: Social Movement Web Use in Theory and Practice: A Content Analysis - David Phillips: Identity and Surveillance Play in Hybrid Space - Patrick Burkart: Hacking, Jamming, Boycotting, and Out-Foxing the Commercial Music Market-Makers - Myria Georgiou: Diaspora, Mediated Communication and Space: A Transnational Framework to Study Identity - Miyase Christensen: Online Social Media, Communicative Practice and Complicit Surveillance in Transnational Contexts - André Jansson: Cosmopolitan Capsules: Mediated Networking and Social Control in Expatriate Spaces - Olga G. Bailey: Reconfiguring Diasporic-Ethnic Identities: The Web as Technology of Representation and Resistance - David Morley: Afterword.


Miyase Christensen is Professor of Media and Communication Studies at Karlstad University, Sweden, and research fellow at the Department of Philosophy and History of Technology at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden. André Jansson is Professor of Media and Communication Studies at Karlstad University, Sweden. Christian Christensen is Professor of Media and Communications Studies in the Department of Informatics and Media at Uppsala University, Sweden.


'Online Territories' shows subtly and with great theoretical skill how human relationships and activities online are integrated into a great variety of social spaces, shaping them but surely also being shaped by them. It takes us much beyond airy utopian claims, and away from customary Eurocentrisms. I hope this book will be widely read across many disciplines in the human sciences, as these make themselves at home in the twenty-first century. (Ulf Hannerz, Author of 'Transnational Connections and Anthropology's World') This anthology explores the meaning of territorial place in a lifeworld that increasingly intertwines the online with the offline. Grounded in both classical and contemporary theoretical perspectives, this book provides a rich panorama of explorations illustrated with empirical studies, helping us understand some of the societal dimensions of new media. Highly recommended for both the enquiring student and reflective scholar. (Nicholas W. Jankowski, Co-editor of 'New Media & Society')
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