Oliver Stone's USA: Film, History, and Controversy

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Juni 2000



Like no other filmmaker, Oliver Stone has left an indelible mark on public opinion and political life, even as he has generated enormous controversy and debate among those who take issue with his dramatic use of history. This book brings Stone face-to-face with some of his most thoughtful critics and supporters and allows Stone himself ample room to respond to their views. Featuring such luminaries as David Halberstam, Stephen Ambrose, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Walter LaFeber, and Robert Rosenstone, these writers critique Stone's most contested films to show how they may distort, amplify, or transcend the historical realities they appear to depict. Films including Salvador, Platoon, Wall Street, Born on the Fourth of July. The Doors, JFK, Heaven and Earth, Natural Born Killers, and Nixon are examined, giving a fuller appreciation of Stone as both artist and intellectual. In response, Stone offers an articulate and passionate defense of his artistic vision.


Robert Brent Toplin is professor of history at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and author of Reel History: In Defense of Hollywood (see page 27).
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