Northsiders: Essays on the History and Culture of the Chicago Cubs

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Oktober 2008



These 21 essays examine the role of baseball's Cubs in the history and politics of Chicago. Focusing on topics such the rise of a nationwide fan base through the long reach of superstation WGN; the local uses and views of icons Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, and Ryne Sandberg; historical divides along lines of race (on the field) and class (in the stands); Wrigley Field as a public space both sacred and cursed; the importance of local and nationwide media coverage in developing the fan base; and the Cubs' impact on Chicago music and literature, the collection explores ties between team and town from a wide range of perspectives.


Gerald C. Wood is chair of the English department at Carson-Newman College in Jefferson City, Tennessee. He lives in New Market, Tennessee. Andrew Hazucha is the chair of the Humanities Division and English Department at Ottawa University in Ottawa, Kansas. He lives in Lawrence, Kansas.
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