North American Terrestrial Vegetation

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September 2007



This second edition provides extensively expanded coverage of North American vegetation from arctic tundra to tropical forests.


Contributors; Preface to the first edition; Preface to the second edition; 1. Arctic tundra and polar desert biome Lawrence C. Bliss; 2. The taiga and boreal forest Deborah L. Elliot-Fisk; 3. Forests and meadows of the Rocky Mountains Robert K. Peet; 4. Pacific northwest forests Jerry F. Franklin and Charles B. Halpern; 5. California upland forests and woodlands Michael G. Barbour and Richard A. Minnich; 6. Chaparral Jon E. Keeley; 7. Intermountain valleys and lower mountain slopes Neil E. West and James A. Young; 8. Warm deserts James A. MacMahon; 9. Grasslands Phillip L. Sims and Paul G. Risser; 10. Eastern deciduous forests Hazel R. Delcourt and Paul A. Delcourt; 11. Vegetation of the southeastern coastal plain Norman L. Christensen; 12. Freshwater wetlands Curtis J. Richardson; 13. Saltmarshes and mangroves Irving A. Mendelssohn and Karen L. McKee; 14. Alpine vegetation William Dwight Billings; 15. Mexican temperate vegetation Alejandro Velazquez, Victor Manuel Toledo and Isolda Luna; 16. The Caribbean Ariel E. Lugo, Julio Figueroa Colon and Frederick N. Scatena; 17. Tropical and subtropical vegetation of Mesoamerica Gary S. Hartshorn; 18. Vegetation of the Hawaiian Islands Lloyd L. Loope; Subject index; Species index.


'Far more than a mere compilation of vegetation types, this book synthesizes our current history of the understanding of the history, dynamics, and physical setting of the continent's plant cover ... a text and a reference for field scientists at all levels ... it is unsurpassed as a guide to the vegetation blanketing North America and to the processes structuring that vegetation.' Ecology '... a mine of information that should be on the library shelves.' Bulletin of the British Ecological Society '... can be recommended to all research groups where botany or ecology is studied.' Zsuzanna Benko, Journal of Plant Physiology
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