New Waves in Philosophy of Technology

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Oktober 2008



The volume advances research in the philosophy of technology by introducing contributors who have an acute sense of how to get beyond or reframe the epistemic, ontological and normative limitations that currently limit the fields of philosophy of technology and science and technology studies.


Foreword; D.Ihde Series Editors' Preface Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Introduction; J.K.Berg Olsen, E.Selinger & S.Riis PART
I: HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY AND TECHNOLOGY Homo Faber : The Unity of the History and Philosophy of Technology; K.Lee Becoming Through Technology; J.K.Berg Olsen PART
II: TECHNOLOGY: EPISTEMIC AND METAPHYSICAL ISSUES Quick-Freezing Philosophy: An Analysis of Imaging Technologies in Neurobiology; R.Rosenberger How To Read Technology Critically; D.Kaplan The Mcluhans and Metaphysics; G.Harman The Question Concerning Thinking; S.Riis Understanding Technology Ontotheologically, or: The Danger and the Promise of Heidegger, An American Perspective; I.Thomson PART
III: TECHNOLOGY: ETHICAL AND POLITICAL ISSUES Human Enhancement and Personal Identity; P.Brey The Future of Humanity; N.Bostrom Technology, the Environment, and the Moral Considerability of Artifacts; B.Hale Cultivating Humanity: Toward a Non-Humanist Ethics of Technology; P-P.Verbeek PART
IV: COMPARATIVE PHILOSOPHY OF TECHNOLOGY Technology Transfer and Globalization: A New Wave for Philosophy of Technology?; E.Selinger Philosophy of Technology as Empirical Philosophy: Comparing Technological Scales in Practice; C.Bruun Jensen & C.Gad Index


NICK BOSTROM is Director of the Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford University, UK
PHILIP BREY is Associate Professor of Philosophy of Technology and Chair of the Department of Philosophy, University of Twente, The Netherlands
CASPER BRUUN JENSEN is Assistant Professor, Department of Organization, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
CHRISTOPHER GAD is at the Centre for Science, Technology& Society Studies, Department of Information& Media Studies, Aarhus University, Denmark
GRAHAM HARMAN is Associate Professor of Philosophy, The American University in Cairo. He is currently Visiting Associate Professor of Metaphysics and the Philosophy of Science, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
BEN HALE is Assistant Professor in the Environmental Studies Program, with a cross-appointment in the Philosophy Department, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA
DON IHDE is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and the Director of the Technoscience Research Group at Stony Brook University, USA
DAVID M. KAPLAN is Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy and Religion Studies, University of North Texas, USA
KEEKOK LEE is Honorary Research Fellow, School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester, UK
ROBERT ROSENBERGER is a visiting scholar at McGill University, USA
IAIN THOMSON is an Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of New Mexico, USA
PETER-PAUL VERBEEK is Associate Professor of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, University of Twente, The Netherlands, and director of the international master program Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society


'This latest addition to the New Waves series will be of interest to students of science and technology studies, or anyone who is concerned about technology, globalization, and the future of humanity. The collection of essays contained in this volume provides wide ranging discussions of current developments in post-phenomenology, hermeneutics, critical theory, metaphysics, posthumanism, transhumanism, ethics, communication theory, and Heideggerian thinking about technology. It will be a useful resource for postgraduate and advanced undergraduate courses.' - Karl Rogers, University of Bath, UK and University of Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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