New Frontiers in European Industrial Relations

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April 1994



Building on the highly successful Industrial Relations in the New Europe, this new text for students of industrial relations and human resource management examines some of the key comparative themes of European industrial relations in the 1990a s.


List of Figures. List of Tables. Contributors. Foreword. Preface. 1. Introduction: Economic Restructuring, Market Liberalism and the Future of National Industrial Relations Systems: Richard Hyman (University of Warwick). 2. The Structure of Transnational Capital in Europe: The Emerging Euro--Company and its Implications for Industrial Relations: Paul Marginson (University of Warwick) Keith Sisson (University of Warwick). 3. The State as Employer: Anthony Ferner (University of Warwick). 4. European Trade Unions: The Transition Years: Jelle Visser (University of Amsterdam). 5. Changing Trade Union Identities and Strategies: Richard Hyman (University of Warwick). 6. Does Feminization Mean a Flexible Labour Force?: Jill Rubery (Manchester School of Management, UMIST) and Colette Fagan (Manchester School of Management, UMIST). 7. Industrial Order and the Transformation of Industrial Relations: Britain, Germany and France Compared: Christel Lane (St. Johns College, Cambridge). 8. Beyond Corporatism: The Impact of Company Strategy: Colin Crouch (Trinity College, Oxford). 9. Workplace Unionism: Redefining Structures and Objectives: Michael Terry (University of Warwick). 10. Strikes and Industrial Conflict: Peace In Europe?: P. K. Edwards (University of Warwick) and Richard Hyman (University of Warwick). 11. Industrial Relations and the Social Dimension of European Integration: Before and After Maastricht: Mark Hall (University of Warwick). 12. Tripartism in Eastern Europe: Lajos Hethy (Institute of Labour Research, Budapest). 13. The Changing Contours of Trade Unionism in Easter Europe and the CIS: Denis MacShane (International Metalworkers Federation, Geneva and European Policy Institute). 14. Post--Communism and the Emergence of Industrial Relations in the Workplace: Simon Clarke (University of Warwick) and Peter Fairbrother (University of Warwick). Index.


Richard Hyman is Professor of Industrial Relations at the Industrial Relations Research Unit, University of Warwick. Anthony Ferner is Principal Research Fellow at the Industrial Relations Research Unit, University of Warwick.
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