New Directions in Soviet History

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This volume presents work on the history of the Soviet Union.


Introduction; Part I. The Politics Of Soviet History: 1. Gorbachev and history Pierre Broue; Part II. Social Change And Cultural Policy: 2. Revolutionary lives: public identities in Pravda during the 1920s Jeffrey Brooks; 3. Entertainment or enlightenment?: popular cinema in Soviet society, 1921-1931 Denise Youngblood; 4. The centre and the periphery: cultural and social geography in the mass culture of the 1930s James van Gelderen; Part III. Politics, Industry and Shopfloor Relations: 5. The crisis of productivity in the New Economic Policy: rationalization drives and shop floor responses in Soviet cotton mills, 1924-1929 Chris Ward; 6. The politics of industrial efficiency during NEP: the 1926 rezhim ekonomiki campaign in Moscow John Hatch; 7. The Moscow party and the socialist offensive: activists and workers, 1928-1931 Catherine Merridale; 8. The demise of the shock brigades, 1931-1936 John Russell; 9. Reassessing the history of Soviet workers: opportunities to criticise and participate in decision-making, 1935-1941 Robert W. Thurston; Part IV. The Political Elite: From the 1930s to the 1990s: 10. Portrait of a changing elite: CPSU Central Committee members, 1939-1990 Evan Mawdsley; Index.


"...a stimulating collection. It is very much to the credit of Cambridge University Press that it has decided to publish this and other volumes derived from the Fourth World Congress, each with a reputable editor." Slavic Review
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