Nature, Culture and Gender

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Januar 1950



The nature-culture dochotomy and its projection on to the thought systems of non-western peoples.


List of plates; Preface; 1. Nature, culture and gender: a critique Carol P. MacCormack; 2. Women and the dialectics of nature in eighteenth-century French thought Maurice Bloch and Jean H. Bloch; 3. Natural facts: a historical perspective on science and sexuality L. J. Jordanova; 4. The power of signs: gender, culture and the wild in the Bolivian Andes Olivia Harris; 5. Proto-social to adult: a Sherbro transformation Carol P. MacCormack; 6. Gender, sexuality and marriage: a Kaulong model of nature and culture Jane C. Goodale; 7. Images of nature in Gimi thought Gillian Gillison; 8. No nature, no culture: the Hagen case Marilyn Strathern; Index.


"Professor MacCormack had done a superb job of exhausting the sources and establishing his case for his thesis that aspects of Confucianism he emphasizes has a profound influence on the codes...His book is a great step forward for the field...this is an illuminating book." The American Journal of Legal History
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