Narrative Beginnings: Theories and Practices

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Brings together theoretical studies and critical analyses of beginnings in a wide range of narrative works spanning several centuries and genres. This title represents every major theoretical perspective that extends from classic literary fiction to nonfictional discourse to popular culture.


1. Introduction: Narrative Beginnings / Brian Richardson, University of Maryland I. Origins, Paratexts, and Prototypes Introduction: Beginnings Before Reading; 2. Before the Beginning: Nabokov and the Rhetoric of the Preface / Marilyn Edelstein, Santa Clara University; 3. Stories, Wars, and Emotions: The Absoluteness of Narrative Beginnings / Patrick Colm Hogan, University of Connecticut; 4. September 1939: Beginnings, Historical Narratives, and the Outbreak of World War II / Philippe Carrard, University of Vermont II. Beginnings in Narrative Literature Introduction: The Theory and Practice of Beginnings in Literature; 5. To Begin with the Beginning: Birth, Origin, and the Narrative Inception / Niels Buch Leander, University of Copenhagen; 6. "The more I write, the more I shall have to write": Beginning Tristram Shandy / Tita Chico, University of Maryland; 7. A Theory of Narrative Beginnings and the Beginnings of "The Dead" and Molloy / Brian Richardson, University of Maryland; 8. Viriginia Woolf and Beginning's Ragged Edge / Melba Cuddy-Keane, University of Toronto; 9. Manual Puig's Alternative Archive / Carlos Riobo, Barnard College; 10. Lost Beginnings in Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children / Guara Shankar Narayan, SUNY Purchase; 11. Recessive Beginnings in Alvarez' Garcia Girls: Feminist Theory of Narrative Beginnings / Catherine Romagnolo, Lebanon Valley College; 12. Curtain Up? Disrupted, Disguised, and Delayed Beginnings in Theater and Drama / Ryan Claycomb, West Virginia University; 13. Multiple Choices: Multilinear Beginnings in Hypertext Fiction by Women / Jessica Laccetti, University of London III. Beginnings and/as Endings Introduction: Relations between Beginnings and Endings; 14. The Beginning of Beloved: A Rhetorical Approach / James Phelan, Ohio State University; 15. Connecting Links: Beginnings and Endings / Armine Kotin Mortimer, University of Illinois; 16. "Mr. Betwixt-and-Between": The Politics of Narrative Indeterminacy in Stevenson's Kidnapped and Catriona / Oliver Buckton, Florida Atlantic University; 17. Maculate Reconceptions / Susan Winnett, University of Hamburg Bibliography


Brian Richardson is a professor of English at the University of Maryland. He is the author of "Unnatural Voices: Extreme Narration in Modern and Contemporary Fiction" and "Unlikely Stories: Causality and the Nature of Modern Narrative," and the editor of "Narrative Dynamics: Essays on Plot, Time, Closure, and Frames." Contributors: Oliver Buckton, Philippe Carrard, Tita Chico, Ryan Claycomb, Melba Cuddy-Keane, Marilyn Edelstein, Patrick Colm Hogan, Jessica Laccetti, Niels Buch Leander, Gaura Shankar Narayan, Armine Kotin Mortimer, James Phelan, Carlos Riobo, Brian Richardson, Catherine Romagnolo, and Susan Winnett.
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