Modes of Thought: Explorations in Culture and Cognition

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Dezember 2008



Thirteen leading scholars examine the issues of universality and diversity in human thought.


1. Introduction David R. Olson; Part I. The History of Thought: 2. Science in antiquity: the Greek and Chinese cases and their relevance to the problems of culture and cognition Geoffrey Lloyd; 3. Relations of analogy and identity Stanley J. Tambiah; 4. Self, narrative and memory: reflections on Augustine, Petrarch, and Descartes Brian Stock; 5. Normal people Ian Hacking; 6. Modes of reasoning and the politics of authority in the modern state Yaron Ezrahi; Part II. The Anthropology of Thought: 7. Frames for thinking: ways of making meaning Jerome S. Bruner; 8. Autobiography and fiction as modes of thought Carol F. Feldman and David Kalmar; 9. Inference in narrative and science Keith Oatley; 10. Literate mentalities: literacy, consciousness of language and modes of thought David R. Olson; 11. Mythology and analogy Cameron Shelley and Paul Thagard; Part III. The Development and Education of Thought: 12. Cognitive domains as modes of thought Susan Carey; 13. Modes of thinking about living kinds: science, symbolism, and common sense Scott Atran; 14. Is good thinking scientific thinking? Deanna Kuhn; 15. Network, the verb, and the appeal of collaborative modes of instruction and thought Myron Tuman.


'The editors bring together an impressive array of contributors in a powerful and productive way. This volume clarifies implications of the intellectual debate for readers involved in practical areas, such as education and psychotherapy. Impressive and provocative.' James Wertsch, Washington University
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