Modern Political Economy: Old Topics, New Directions

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This volume calls for a reaffirmation of the importance of the unified study of political economy.


1. Introduction Jeffrey S. Banks and Eric A. Hanushek; 2. The economics and politics of regulation: perspectives, agenda and approaches David P. Baron; 3. Regulatory commitment and utilities' privitazation: implications for future comparative research Pablo T. Spiller; 4. The political economy of transformation: liberalization and property rights William Riker and David L. Weimer; 5. Politics and trade policy Raymond Riezman and John Douglas Wilson; 6. Elections, party structure and the economy Alberto Alesina; 7. The politics and economics of budget deficit control: policy questions and research questions Edward M. Gramlich; 8. Law, legislation, and positive political theory John Ferejohn; 9. The rational choice theory of social institutions: cooperation, coordination and communication Randall L. Calvert.


"This collection of new papers presents and surveys some aspects of this new field [of political economy] and reminds us of how wide-ranging its achievements are. It should be of value not only to economists but to political scientists as well." Mancur Olson, University of Maryland at College Park
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