Metallurgy in the Early Bronze Age Aegean

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Dezember 2007



Our understanding of metals and metallurgy in the Early Bronze Age Aegean has been dominated by studies which focus on the circulation and provenance of metals. This volume contains fifteen papers which address aspects of mining smelting and artefact production from a range of theoretical perspectives.


Mixed Origins and the Origins of Mixing: Alloys and Provenance in the Early Bronze Age Aegean (by Roger C. P. Doonan and Peter M. Day); Early Copper Production on Kythnos: Archaeological Evidence and Analytical Approaches to the Reconstruction of Metallurgical Process (by Yannis Bassiakos and Olga Philaniotou); The Final Neolithic to Early Minoan III Metallurgy Site at Chrysokamino, Crete (Philip P. Betancourt); Copper Smelting at the Early Minoan site of Chrysokamino on Crete (Mihalis Catapotis and Yannis Bassiakos); The Earlier Prepalatial Settlement of Poros-Katsambas: Craft Production and Exchange at the Harbour Town of Knossos (by Nota Dimopoulou-Rethemiotaki, David E. Wilson and Peter M. Day); Lame Excuses for Emerging Complexity in Early Bronze Age Crete: the Matallurgical Finds from Poros Katsambas and their Context (by Roger C. P. Doonan, Peter M. Day, and Nota Dimopoulou-Rethemiotaki); Metallurgical Activities within Early Cycladic Settlements: the Case of Daskaleio-Kavos (by Myrto Georgakopoulou); Aghia Photia - Kouphota: a Centre for Matllurgy in the Early Minoan Period (by Metaxia Tsipopoulou); The Crucibles from the Angian Photia Cemetery (by Philip P. Betancourt and James D.Muhly); The Beginning of Metallurgy in Crete: New Evidence from the FN-EM I Settlement at Kephala Petras, Siteia (by Yannis Papadatos); The Neolithic Background: A Reassessment (by Konstantinos Zachos); On the Spatial Organisation of Cooper Smelting Activities in the Southern Aegean during the Early Bronze Age (by Mihalis Catapotis); Absent Presences: Metal Vessels in the Aegean at the End of the Third Millennium (by Georgia Nakou); The Archaeology of Metal Use in the Early Bronze Age Aegean: A Review (by Susan Sherratt).


edited by Peter M Day and Roger C P Doonan
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