Medical Management of Adults with Neurologic Disabilities

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Management of Medical Problems in Patients with Neurologic Disabilities provides a reference that busy clinicians can refer to in the daily management of the diverse medical problems faced by those living with neurologic disabilities. The alphabetically listed chapters cover basic information about pertinent anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, patient assessment, and practical treatment advice. With an emphasis on algorithms, clinical pearls, and guidelines, this concise book is an essential quick reference for all physicians managing patients with various neurologic disabilities.


Aging with a Neurologic Disability; Autonomic Dysreflexia; Cardiovascular System; Cerebral Palsy; Dental Care; Diabetes Mellitus and Lipid Disorders; Dysphagia; Endocrine System; Exercise; Fatigue; Gastrointestinal System; Genitourinary System; Headaches; Nutrition; Obstetrics and Gynecology; Osteoporosis and Fractures; Pain; Patient Safety; Pharmacology (Clinical); Pharmacology (Cognitive); Pneumonia and Urinary Tract Infection; Pressure Ulcers; Preventive Medicine; Psychiatric (Spinal Cord Injury); Psychiatric (Brain Injury); Respiratory System; Sexuality; Sleep; Spasticity; Substance Abuse; Vision Care.


Adrian Cristian, MD, is Chief of Rehabilitation Medicine, James J. Peters Veterans Affairs Medical Center and Associate Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine Mount Sinai School of Medicine.


""This is a quick reference guide for clinicians on the management of various medical problems in individuals with neurological disabilities. The book surveys various medical symptoms and conditions that such patients are likely to encounter. Common medical problems that practitioners are most likely to see are covered, such as fatigue and nutrition. However, less often discussed and less frequently occurring issues are also presented, such as dental care and obstetrics and gynecology problems. The chapters are easy, quick reads with easy to follow tables and hints for practitioners...This is a good resource, given the paucity of practical books on this topic, for a variety of healthcare professionals."" - Doody, Joseph I. Sirven, MD(Mayo Clinic Hospital)--Joseph I "Sirven, MD""Doody (Mayo Clinic Hospital)" (05/03/2010)
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