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Lehman brings together new work on masculinity in film by established film scholars, new academics, performance artists, and cultural critics. The essays analyze trends from the role of gay men in saving heterosexuality to the emergence of new queer cinema.


1.Saving the Males 2.Emotional Constipation and the Power of Damned Masculinity: Paradoxes of Male Blockage and Release 3.Matter Over Mind: Assaulting the Masculine Intellect in Representation 4.T(he)-Men's Room: Masculinity and Space in Anthony Mank's T-Men 5.Unholy Alliance: National Elites, Self-Made Man, and Family Romance in Oliver Stone's Nixon 6.Studs Have Feelings Too: Warren Beatty and the Question of Star Discourse and Gender 7.Identity, Homosocial Bonding & the New Queer Cinema: The Case of Swingers 8.The Talented Post-Structuralist: masculinity, Gay Artifice, and Class Passing 9.James Bond's Penis 10.Male Nudity and Nation: Notes Towards a Theory of Marginality, Colonialism and the Ever-Present Penis in Recent Canadian and Quebecois Cinema 11.Padding Towards Equality? The Shape-Shifting Masculinities of Eddie Murphy and Whoopi Goldberg 12.Crying Over the Melodramatic Penis: Melodrama and Male Nudity in Films of the 90s 13.Someone is Going to Have to Pay: Resurgent White Masculinity in Ransom 14.Capturing the Beasts: Photographs of Lynchings, 1830-1930 15.Holocaust Images of the Dead Jewish Male Body 16.Queer Bodies


Peter Lehman is Professor at Arizona State University at Tempe. He is the editor of Defining Cinema (1997) and the author of Running Scared: Masculinity and the Representation of the Male Body (1993).


..."Lehman offers us a fascinating menu of how notions of masculinity are fabricated and maintained.."
-"Village Voice, September 18, 2001
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